On Blogging

28 May


A few years ago I had a blog that I wrote in very frequently.  It was my way of getting some of the thoughts out of my head.  My way of connecting with a few people all around the world.  I’m starting this blog as a way to do the same when I’m at a totally different place in my life.  I’m not sure where this will take me.  What path this blog will take.  I think I need a way to get out some of the thoughts swirling around in my head.

Since quitting my job, I have had such an interesting mirage of feelings.  I still sometimes feel like I’m on vacation and will have to go back there any day now.  Yesterday, I had to go in to the store to pick up a prescription and had a little realization that I don’t work there.  I had to give my old boss something and couldn’t just walk right into the back room to place the envelope on her desk.  And, it feels good.  That place was holding me back.  The money I was making there was haram.  It wasn’t getting me anywhere.  Since working there, the only thing I had done was build up credit card debt (pre-Islam) and not be able to pay it off.  That haram money wasn’t helping me pay off any of my debt.  The job was stressing me to the max, wasn’t helping my home life in any way and was severely hampering my future.

I quit.  I did something for myself.  I did something for my family.  In my previous life, it wasn’t often that I did something for myself.  I was so often looking to please everyone else.  That had gotten better in the past few years, but I still wasn’t great at it.  Living in Italy and having my husband live across the ocean for over a year made me a stronger person.  It made me realize that I can do it on my own.  I can, but it is a lot nicer to do it with someone by my side.  And with friends that really care by my side.  Move across the ocean and you find out who your true friends are.  Convert to Islam and find out who your TRUE friends are.

Converting to Islam has brought so many things full circle for me.  Allah has blessed me by bringing me to the religion.  Allah only guides those who He wishes and alhamdulillah that Allah chose me.  Through/because of this conversion, Allah has blessed me with an extraordinary husband.  And Allah has blessed me with some amazing friends.  Friendships that I didn’t know that I could have.  The most important common bond is our relationships with Allah.  This relationship allows us to be better friends to each other.  Subhanallah, these friendships are amazing.  To be able to tell someone how you are truly feeling.  To be able to talk about how you are feeling at all is truly extraordinary.  And to always have that one common bond is really divinely from Allah.  Alhamdulillah.


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